Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Git?
  2. Why deploy using SFTP?
  3. Why deploy using Git?
  4. Why can't I use regular FTP?
  5. Help! Something isn't working!!
  6. What if I have ideas for how to make REPOMAN even better?

What is Git?

Git is a code version control program, originally developed by Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux.

What does that mean?

Version control software allows multiple users to insure that they are always working on the latest version of a file. For instance, Alice and Bob are a development team who are working on a web application. Alice, being the database expert of the two, needs to make changes to the MySQL queries executed on a certain page, while Bob needs to make unrelated edits elsewhere in the same file. Without Git, if Alice made her changes and uploaded them to the site without telling Bob, when he uploaded his changes, he would overwrite Alices changes. By using Git, they can both make updates to the parts of the same file without fear of overwriting one anothers edits.

Git-based development can be extremely useful for single users as well.

For instance, by keeping a complete history of changes not just to individual files, but groups of files ("commits"), if you find that a set of changes you made broke your website, by using version control, you can quickly revert to a previous, working commit.

In short, while using a version control system like Git should be a given for a multi-use development team, it can be extremely useful to even individual developers.

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Why deploy using SFTP?

SFTP is the easiest deployment option, because nearly every web server should support it, whether you use a shared host or a dedicated server. It only requires enabling SSH access for your hosting account (not all hosting companies turn it on by default), but once it’s enabled the process is straight-forward.

When a deployment is initiated, REPOMAN.IO will get the latest files from the Git repository and copy those files to the server of your choice.

Read the SFTP Setup Guide

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Why deploy using Git?

If you have experience using Git and run your website on a VPS or at a hosting company that lets you install Git on their servers, you might be best served by choosing Git as your deployment method.

With Git installed on your server, REPOMAN.IO simply executes a list of commands that you have pre-defined, pulling the files directly from Github and executing whatever commands or scripts you have defined. This makes your deployments both faster and more flexible. For example, in addition to pulling the updates from git you might also want to trigger database updates or clear cache.

Read the Git Setup Guide

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Why can't I use regular FTP?

Traditional FTP, the type that is still enabled on almost every webhosting account, is a horribly insecure protocol. Usernames, passwords and file contents are all transferred in the “clear”, allowing hackers the opportunity to observe files in transit.

If your hosting company does not provide SFTP for transferring files to and from your server, we would recommend you choose a new hosting company.

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Help! Something isn't working!!

Calm down, and don't panic! Simply shoot an email to or fill out our support request form, and we will respond promptly. Regardless, if your deployments are failing, be sure to check the error logs, but don’t spin your wheels for too long! If you are experiencing issues contact support for assistance.

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What if I have ideas for how to make REPOMAN even better?

Reach out to us! We'd love to hear your thoughts. We're known to give out some fun freebies (t-shirts, gift cards, free accounts, etc.) when folks take the time to tell how how they feel. You can email us at or fill out our support request form.

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